Reggaestone X Present Dis ‘Ting: A True ‘Ting Mix

The Grapefruit

The grapefruit much like reggae music is a child of Jamaica. The grapefruit is a bitter fruit first found in Jamaica in the late 1700’s and quickly dubbed the Forbidden Fruit. Before that, the fruit was known as Shaddock, named after it’s originator Captain Shaddock who came to Jamaica with Pumelo seeds and planted the first grapefruits.

The ‘Ting

Fast forward to the mid 70’s, a delicious grapefruit soda was born and in my personal opinion it was spawned from Rocksteady and the aforementioned forbidden fruit. What is this beverage thing you might be asking yourself? The thing is aptly called ‘Ting Soda. It’s miles ahead of any flavors Squirt or a Cactus cooler might put out, even a Hansens Grapefruit Soda whimpers when it is in ‘Ting’s presence. ‘Ting is lower in sugar (as it uses real sugar) and has real bits of the fruit allowing the drinker to let the bubbles and grapefruit dance on their tongue.

The Mix

As mentioned in my previous post I recently stumbled upon this drink. After finishing, I said I am going to honor this beverage. I mean, it’s that good! In collaboration with my friend Tim from we decided to feature this drink on his site with a review and how-to’s and I would provide the proper soundtrack as to which the reader would soon be able to enjoy a Ring or a Ving accompanied by my personal mix dedicated to the bevy.

So here’s to you!


Download here:

MixPourSip here


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